rise VERB (past rose; past part. risen) 1) come or go up. 2) get up from lying, sitting, or kneeling. 3) increase in number, size, intensity, or quality. 4) (of land) slope upwards. 5) (of the sun, moon, or stars) appear above the horizon. 6) reach a higher social or professional position. 7) (rise above) succeed in not being restricted by. 8) (rise to) respond adequately to (a challenging situation). 9) (often rise up) rebel. 10) (of a river) have its source. 11) be restored to life. 12) chiefly Brit. (of a meeting or a session of a court) adjourn.
NOUN 1) an act or instance of rising. 2) an upward slope or hill. 3) Brit. an increase in salary or wages. 4) the vertical height of a step, arch, or incline.
get (or take) a rise out of — Cf. ↑take a rise out of
on the rise — Cf. ↑on the rise
rise and shine — Cf. ↑rise and shine
ORIGIN Old English, «make an attack», «get out of bed».

English terms dictionary. 2015.